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Matthew 10 19-20

And don't you worry about what you'll say or how you'll say it. The right words will be there; the Spirit of your Father will supply the words. - Matthew 10 19-20

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's like the wind

It’s like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

A couple of nights ago I descended from the black hole that is my room to eat supper and found my Mum watching a film on TV. It didnt look that interesting and I wasn’t going to watch it but I was hungry and had my computer. So I settled down on the sofa with my bowl of coco pops and my net book and didn’t reaqlly pay that much attention to the TV. Not long after my Mum decided it was late and she should go to bed and left me in the lounge munching on a stack of snack foods and the TV playing away. Not being interested I didn’t bother to change the channel or switch off the TV and so it played away in the background.

Unusually I ended up following the film and actually began to get interested in it. The film was A Walk to Remember. Its not so much the film I want to talk about even though it is a film in which Christianity features quite a bit but the quote above. 

It struck me that this is an amazingly profound statement about God's love and faith. Because like the wind you can not see God's love but you can see the effects of it. You can not see the cause of either of them but you can see the results from their interactions with the world. Both can be so gentle and move small things in delicate ways. But equally both can be things of great power, great strength and ever huge destruction.

We have faith in a God who we can not see, we can not touch but believe in non the less. But just because we can not see Him directly does not mean that we can not see His work in the world and in our lives. We love and follow the God of Abraham and Jacob, the alpha and omega, the creator of the Universe. He has a power that we can not fully understand, a power that we can not comprehend. Whatever He is doing in your life do not think that is all He can do. He can provide you with everything you need when you ask and when you need.

God's love - It's like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it.

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